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My Two Birth Stories

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1My Two Birth Stories Empty My Two Birth Stories on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:18 am


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Imogen's Birth Story

My EDD was 25th April 2008 yet she decided to be a lazy little bugger and make me wait.

Friday 2nd May 2008 I started having what I thought were braxton hicks, rang the RVI Mat Ward and they told me to ring them back in an hours time and write down every contraction.

I then rang back up and told them my times and they told me to come in and checked over as baring in mind I was 6 days overdue! They checked me over and sent me home! Got home couldnt even eat my fish and chips I had bought on the way home....Got into the bath and had my show! Shouted for my partner (who is now my ex partner) and told him to ring an ambulance for the pain in the ass to tell me two minutes just finishing this game on the xbox....I'm like you tw*t I'm in labour and hes like yeah yeah the midwife said you arent....He ended up passing me the phone in the bath and I had to ring the ambulance.

Gets to the hospital an hour after first going in for them to say to me your 8cm dilated....All through out my labour I only had Gas & Air as I hate needles and I wanted to do it on me own with out feeling like somebody was telling me what to do...Ie I wanted to follow my own body

I was in established labour from 8.06pm to having Imogen at 2.06am Sat 3rd May 2008.....6hrs and 6mins later Imogen was born into the world weighing 7lb 9.5oz


Andrew's Birth Story

My EDD was 14th Sept 2009

I had started having braxton hicks late night on the 7th Sept 2009 - The night of my step daughter's 2nd birthday lol!!! I was currently dating a new bloke....He had been with me for the last two months of my pregnancy and we are still together now, living together too!

Anyway on the morning of 8th Sept 2009. My partner Alan knew I was in early labour and cleaned the house from top to bottom for the arrival of our son! (biologically he's not the real dad but the real dad has been out of the picture since I found out I was expecting Andrew....And as far as i'm concerned Alan is his dad) I went into the Rakelane Mat Ward at 3.00pm and they told me to go home as i was having contractions but i hadn't dialated and to go home and rest....By 5.15pm the contractions were 20mins we got my first born Imogen to a neighbours house until my auntie could come and collect her after work!

By 6.30pm I couldnt handle the pain nomore and by now the contractions were every 11mins....
So in jumps me into Alans convertible, thinking omg i hope i don't give birth in the front of
this convertible lol! Gets seen to at 7pm and the midwife is like just breath thru the contractions your 8cm dilated and i need you to stay calm!

I had actually turned round and stated to the midwife this was my second baby and I need to push and she was having none of it! I told Alan I need to push!!!! He just told me well then Push baby you can do it! I had only had gas and air while Andrews head was crowning and then had a few pushs and at 7.40pm Andrew came into the world weighing 7lb 14.5oz and I was like whoa 5 more ounces than his big sis for Alan to point and say you know where the other 5oz were lol.....

I was only in established labour for 40mins I was like whoa!!!!

So god help me when I have my third child! Hopefully it won't be that quick lol!!!

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thanks for sharing

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